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    Spiral Galaxies - Arp87 - Hubble

Mogens True Wegener

emer. professor of philosophy

and the history of ideas

Aarhus University



These papers contain the reflections of a philosopher on basic issues of physics.

They represent the British Tradition of relativistic cosmology as opposed to that of Einstein.


All my papers are presented in pdf-format which is accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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  1. Relativities At Variance
  2. The Idea of a Cosmic Time
  3. Milne's Kinematic Relativity
  4. Some Cosmological Models
  5. 'Big Bang' or 'Steady State'?
  6. New Axioms for Cosmology
  7. Constructivism in Science
  8. Fundamental Queries


Old Papers

             Early Attempts:

             Ideas and Theories



  1. Recent Advances in       Relativity Theory 1-2     (2000-2002) 
  2. Non-Standard Relativity    with preface by P. Rowlands  (2021.06.09)

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Spiral Galaxies  Arp87  Hubble Heritage